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Take Care of Your Termite Problem

If you've noticed pinpoint holes in your walls or piles of sawdust on your floors, you might be looking at an infestation of wood-destroying insects. Luckily, with a wood-destroying insect inspection (WDI inspection) from Protective Home Inspections, you can stop those pests in their tracks. We'll check every corner of your home for signs of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wood-destroying beetles.

Then, we'll provide a comprehensive wood-destroying insects report that details all signs of past or current infestation.

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Don't wait for termite damage to get worse:

When it comes to minimizing termite damage, time is of the essence. Especially if you're planning to remodel or sell your home in the near future.

You should get a wood-destroying insects report before those pests have a chance to:

  • Hollow out your foundation or support structures.
  • Cause your floors and ceilings to swell or buckle.
  • Ruin your favorite wood pieces or antique furniture.

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