Take the First Step Toward Safer Drinking Water

Rely on us for well water testing services in Richland County, Mansfield or Wooster, OH

Keep your family safe from harmful contaminants by turning to Protective Home Inspections for well water testing services. When you hire us, we'll collect samples from your water supply in Mansfield, Richland County or Ashland, OH and send them off to a testing facility. From there, we can help you determine whether your water is potable or whether you need a filtration system or a water softener.

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What does water quality testing look for?

Water quality testing is crucial to assessing whether your drinking water is potable. Well testing looks at the levels of various materials and chemicals in your water, including:

  • Some strains of harmful bacteria
  • Metals, including lead and copper
  • Arsenic, nitrites and nitrates
  • Mineral content

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